Flocking Together

Running a business right now may feel like straddling two different cars in a Fast and Furious movie, during a hailstorm, in the dark. But as a leader, you still must decide how to keep your team working together and moving forward. Thinking like a bird may help.

Birds form complex “flocking” maneuvers by following simple rules in a set order. These three rules, when programmed into a computer simulation, will play out as bird flocking:

  1. Don’t get eaten
  2. Find food 
  3. Don’t get too far from the nearest bird

Each bird acts on the rules and adjusts quickly to changing conditions. How can you write flocking behavior for your organization that keeps business alive and safeguards your team?

  1. Don’t get COVID-19
  2. Do work that will generate income now OR IN THE FUTURE 
  3. Communicate 

What your flocking rules look like is up to you.  Putting them in place enables your people to adapt to shifting circumstances, which is par for the course in this climate.

Many businesses are being challenged by social distancing, but you can use this time to prepare to generate income as restrictions are lifted. If there are any skills that can be learned through on-line platforms, now is the time to put them to use! Maybe team members need to advance their Excel and Office 365 skills, or learn how to do graphic design in a program such as Adobe Creative Suite. Maybe you have been waiting to overhaul your electronic file system, or convert to a new platform of some kind. These endeavors can be disruptive during the normal course of business, but less so now if the demand for your services has been diminished by current circumstances. Using this time for growth and improvement will strengthen your team and your business. Time to fly!

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