Your Business - Your Way: Avoid Traps and Gaps in Business Expansion

You may have heard that doctors make the worst patients. Why? They know way too much about things that can go wrong. And unlike other patients, doctors are familiar with all the solutions and side effects and long term prognoses. Same with pilots – worst passengers in the world. This bit of wisdom is true for many professions.

So, what does this mean for an organizational psychologist expanding a business?  You may guess - I know way too many things that could go wrong and what I could or should do if it does. The end result of the TMI (Too Much Information) overload can be a type of paralysis. Worse yet, I knew the paralysis was likely since in a complex system, TMI can push a system into turbulence, which means not much gets done.

Luckily, I self-diagnosed this issue early after I decided to expand Maze Runners Consulting from a recommendation-only service to a more public business. I knew the paralysis was setting in when I looked through my business plan draft and saw several of the same process map, just in different colors of Sharpie marker. As much as I like Sharpie markers, this was a clear sign of stuck. To combat the TMI paralysis, early in the Maze Runners expansion, I followed the type of advice I would give a client.  We developed a road map of action because expanding a business is both terrifying and exhilarating. An action plan helps drive you through the highs, lows, and unknowns.

I invite you to share in our experiences as we recount lessons learned and smart moves made in our Business Your Way Series. Over the next several weeks, this series will cover the road map Maze Runners used to launch our expansion.  The series includes:

  • What You REALLY Want
  • One Sentence Rule
  • How to Ride for the Brand
  • Icebergs and Space - The People Frontier
  • Rethink Your Work Rules
  • Traps in the Hiring Maze
  • Plan A - The Business Plan
  • Plan B - When Plan A Doesn't Work
  • Don't Throw the Computer Out the Window (Technology Musts)
  • Let Your Baby Get Beat Up
  • Did You Get What You Really Wanted?

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