What our clients have to say

Betsy’s approach to solving process challenges has been key to supporting the growth and scalability of our company. She is able to anticipate the needs of the organization and proactively implement improvements. She possesses excellent communications skills and is able to deliver content both internally and externally in a manner that is relevant to the audience.

- Colleen Howell; Manager at OneFaceIn

Working with large not for profit governmental organisations to develop strategic plans was difficult until we hired Betsy. Betsy really opened our eyes as to what true startegic plans should be, how to develop and most importantantly how to execute. She leads an organisation through these steps effectively and efficiently, always cognisent of the participants time to spend on this subject. Betsy's work product will add value to any organisation.

- Graham Grice; General Manager (Retired) P&C at Keenan & Associates

I've had the opportunity to work with Betsy on a project from the ground up with a new company. As with any project and company, there were growing pains. Betsy's knowledge of the common pitfalls that companies often fall into, from trimming unnecessary processes to project requirements have been invaluable. It has been a pleasure to work with Betsy.

- Andrew Frieze: Java Engineer at Zoot Enterprises

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