Some questions you might have

How often do you send your newsletter to subscribers?

Our e-newsletter Notes from the Maze is published periodically (about 6 times a year).

How do I sign up for Notes from the Maze?

To sign up for Notes from the Maze, click on MRC Newsletter at the bolttom of the page and fill in your contact information. 

How long will I be able to access a playbook I have purchased?

You have 12 months to complete a playbook, although we hope you will find it easy to finish it much faster than that so you can start using what you learned to improve your work experience. 

How many times can I view a playbook?

Playbooks are for your personal use. After you complete a step, you will no longer be able to access it. After you complete a playbook, you will receive a content summary of that playbook. We will also send you a playbook card that serves as a quick reference to remembering what the module was about and applying the information in your workplace.  

What does strategic planning cost?

Strategic planning costs vary depending on the number of people involved, the length of the meeting, and many other factors. We offer a free consultation call in order to provide an estimate for your strategic planning needs.

Will Playbooks help if we have a very small business with only 5 employees?

Absolutely. Playbooks are designed to help an individual working alone, or in a group with 1000 people. You will find it helpful to search on the type of problem you have to spend time on the playbooks that are most applicable for small business situations.

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